Urine/Stool Specimen Container

Urine/Stool Specimen Container

  • Urine/Stool Specimen Container is used for the Collection of Urine /Stool Sample for the laboratory examination.
  • Made from medical grade Translucent Polypropylene or
    clear polystyrene



  • Sterile, individually packed in Tear pouch pack.


Urine Specimen Container

  • Urine Specimen Container provided with easy to read graduation helps to determine the Volume.
  • Provided with airtight Lid for safe handling of sample
  • Available in 30ml and 70ml capacity.
  • Pack of 25. Carton of 600.
  • Gross weight: 9.230kg
  • Master Carton size: 660 x 432 x 508mm


Stool Specimen Container

  • Provided with airtight spoon type Lid for safe lifting & handling of sample.
  • Pack of 25.

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