General Surgery

Surgical Gown

Surgical gown are made from Non woven fabric to provide softness and comfort during use. Provided with stitched interlocking. Soft elastic cuff Tie straps are provided for better fitting and complete body wrap Light in weight   Packing Individually packed Box of 50. Master Box of 100kg. Gross weight: 15.00kg Master Carton size: 533 x 533 x 558mm
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Surgeon Face Mask

Surgeons Face Mask is used as a covering for the face that serves as a protective barrier. Surgeons Mask is made from Non woven fabric. Available in two layers and three layers configuration. High bacterial filtrations efficiency Ultrasonically welded. Available in Tie bands and Elastic Strap for proper fixing. Provided with a nose clip to prevent fogging of spectacles and to maximize filtration efficiency.   Pa
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Shoe Cover

Shoe Cover is used as a covering of foot which serves as a protective barrier. Shoe Cover is made from non-woven fabric/polyethylene Elastic strip stitched for proper grip.   Packing Individually packed in polybag Carton of 600 pairs. Gross weight: 9.450kg Master Carton size: 457 x 305 x 533mm
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Surgeon Cap and Nurses Cap

Surgeon Caps/Nurses Cap are used to protect contamination from the head/hair. Surgeon Caps/ Nurses Cap are made from Non woven fabric. Provided with stitched interlocking. Elastic strip stitched on the back of the cap for proper grip on the forehead. Available in Blue /Green colour.   Packing Individually packed . Box of 100; Carton of 1800pcs. Gross weight: 9.510kg Master Carton size: 660 x 432 x 508mm
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Ablecast Orthopaedic Casting Bandage Tape

ABLECAST has no harmful ingredients that could result in and itching and a skin irritation unlike fiberglass tapes. Lightweight and well-ventilated ABLECAST can prevent terrible odors and infections. A good x-ray transparence makes it easier to take a correct diagnosis   Packing Box of 10. Carton of 60pcs. Gross weight: 16.300kg Master Carton size: 540 x 430 x 310mm Sizes Length 5cm, 7.5cm, 10.1cm, 12.5cm in 3.6
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Surgical Blade With Handle

Disposable Ready to use, Sterile Fitted on handle No. 3 or 4   Packing Pack of 20. Carton of 200pcs. Gross weight: 1.780kg Master Carton size: 152 x 229 x 254mm   Sizes 10, 11, 12, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24  
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Steripore Surgical Tape is backed by a Thin highly permeable micro porous non woven fabric. Uniformly coated with hypo allergenic adhesive. Safe to use on sensitive part of the body. Suitable for infants and people with allergies. Peel off easily without pulling out hair or causing pain. High resistance to water and vapour and therefore will remain in position when immersed in water.   Packing Carton of 40 Boxes
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Gauze Swabs

Made from fine surgical gauze/non woven fabric. Meets IP/BP standards. Optical brightener free. Free from foreign matter   Packing Available in Sterile/Non Sterile pack. Individually packed or available in combi pack of 2 or 4pc or 100pcs. Cartoon of 500pcs. Gross weight: 4.510kg Master Carton size: 584 x 381 x 254mm   Sizes 5cm x 5cm, 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm & 10cm x 10cm Option of 4 ply, 8ply ,12ply or 16ply
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Surgical Pad/Gauze & Cotton Tissue

Fine absorbent cotton covered with a layer of low limit gauze fabric. Meets BP/USP standards.   Packing Sterile, individually packed in peelable pouch pack. Carton of 500pcs. Gross weight: 7.320kg Master Carton size: 280 x 482 x 788mm   Sizes 6cm X 6cm,10cm X 10cm & 10cm X 20cm  
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Surgical Tapes/Sports Tapes

Made from 100% cotton fabric for dressing and general medical applications. Coated with custom made non allergenic, non irritating adhesive. Adhesive is soft on the skin and does not pull out hair on removal. Thermo sensitive adhesive activate better when it comes in contact with warm human skin   Packing Packed in metal caps with plastic bobbin or paper core and card board in the form of rolls. Gross weight: 38
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