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Red Rubber Products

Rectal Tube Self Retaining Catheter/Malecot Catheter Ice Caps Ear Syringe Rubber Anema syringe Air Cushions (Red Rubber) Corrugated Drainage Sheet- Red Rubber
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Blood Lancet

Blood Lancet used as a manual blade to make a limited skin incision as for collection of Blood. Made from medical grade Stainless Steel and polymer. Ultrasonic cleaned. Super sharp tip for the instant incision.   Packing Sterile, individually packed in peelable pouch pack. Pack of 200. Carton of 20000pcs. Gross weight: 13.00kg Master Carton size: 432 x 432 x 432mm
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Urine/Stool Specimen Container

Urine/Stool Specimen Container is used for the Collection of Urine /Stool Sample for the laboratory examination. Made from medical grade Translucent Polypropylene or clear polystyrene   Packing Sterile, individually packed in Tear pouch pack.   Urine Specimen Container Urine Specimen Container provided with easy to read graduation helps to determine the Volume. Provided with airtight Lid for safe handling o
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